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Abby, KC1FFX Helping Get On The Air
Abby, KC1FFX – Our Club’s Youth Leader Helping Kids Get On The Air

An important part of the Nashua Area Radio Club’s mission is to create learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for young people through Amateur Radio. Many members of our club began or enhanced their interest in STEM careers and learning through Amateur Radio and we are working to provide similar experiences for the next generation.

Greg (W1TEN) Helping Kids to Locate a Hidden Transmitter
Greg (W1TEN) Helping Kids to Locate a Hidden Transmitter

We have lots of fun Amateur Radio activities for young folks. Perhaps you are interested in finding hidden transmitters using Radio Direction Finding (RDF)? We regularly sponsor “Fox Hunts” where we hide a transmitter and use radio equipment to see if we can find it.


Maybe you’re interested in making new friends in other parts of the United States or even in other countries around the world. Using Amateur Radio equipment, we can easily help you to make new friends and learn about other cultures and geography around the world. We call this “DX” for distant contacts – contacting Amateur Radio operators in other countries around the world. Our club regularly sets up temporary radio stations in schools, parks and other public locations to allow anyone to get on the air and make new friends. A really cool time to do this is during the ARRL Kid’s Day activity where kids all around the U.S. get on the air to contact each other and make new friends.

Abby, KC1FFX operating in the 2016 ARRL Rookie Roundup

Do you like to compete? Amateur Radio can provide some really neat ways to do this. Our club has a contest team which competes in the ARRL Rookie Roundup and other contests and special events several times each year to see how many contacts we can make in limited amount of time. Our club has several nice certificates from our entries in these contests. Contesting also helps us to develop our communications and radio operator skills as well.

Connor, KC1GGX working on his Transmitter Project at Kit Night
Connor, KC1GGX working on his Transmitter Project at Kit Night

Maybe you’re a Maker and like to build things with computers, software, or electronics. Building the equipment that we use in our stations is a big part of what Amateur Radio is all about. We hold monthly Tech Nights and Kit Building sessions to help you learn about computers, software and electronics and to help you build your own gear and test it out.

Anita, AB1QB with an Amateur Radio Cube Satellite

Are you interested in space communications? There are satellites in orbit that only Amateur Radio operators can use to make contacts around the world and there is also Amateur Radio equipment on the International Space Station! Our club has built a satellite ground station and we regularly provide opportunities to make contacts through Satellites.


We are also working on building a High-Altitude Balloon which will carry a transmitter and a camera to the edge of space and back! We will be able to track our Balloon’s flight path to space and back, look at data from on-board science experiments and make a really cool video of the flight like the one above! We are looking for young folks who want us help us the build and launch our Balloon.

A Graduate of our Class showing off her New License
A Graduate of our Class showing off her New License

You don’t need a license to try out Amateur Radio and see if its fun for you. If you decide you want to have your own transmitter and station, we can help you get your official Amateur Radio license. We offer classes to help you learn what you need to know and pass your FCC license exam so you can have you own transmitter and talk to other Amateur Radio operators whenever you want.

We constantly have activities going on for young folks to do all of these things and more. Here are just a few which are coming up –

If you’d like to learn more or sign up to be part of any of our activities or projects, please contact Jamey, KC1ENX via his email address or find more contact info for Jamey here.

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