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Progress on our High-Altitude Balloon Project

We are making good progress on our High-Altitude Balloon project. We have identified three local schools are interested in the project and Jamey, KC1ENX and others are working to set up meeting with teachers in these schools to explain what we are doing and gain support. You can see what we are sharing with teachers and parents here.

Possible Balloon Payload Experiment - UV Radiation Measurements
Possible Balloon Payload Experiment – UV Radiation Measurements

Brian, AB1ZO is working on flight planning and science experiments for our high-altitude balloon. You can see Brian’s plans here.

We have also started a fund-raising campaign to raise the funds that we need for equipment, helium and other equipment to build and launch our balloon. Our fund-raising campaign has been active for about a week now and we are approaching the half way point of our goal. Please consider helping us with the project by making a donation. You can do this at our project GoFundMe page here.

Amateur Radio Day at MakeIt Labs

We will be holding an amateur radio day at MakeIt Labs in Nashua. We are hoping to generate STEM interest among young people by demonstrating all the scientific and engineering principles at work in amateur radio. Participation is welcomed from all club members and folks in the community and we urge you to bring your families, friends, and especially kids showing an interesting in science, engineering, and mathematics. Among our activites, we will:

  1. Set-up a High-frequency (HF) Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) station allowing kids to make contacts (QSO’s) all over the country and potentially the world. We will highlight the interconnectivity among the components to describe how we actually make contacts and showcase the latest and greatest hardware that is on the market. Additionally, we will use VHF/UHF radios to make local contacts which also demonstrates a HAM’s use of amateur radio repeaters to allow extended coverage.
  2. Displays of satellite station set-ups which allow communication with amateur satellites in Low-Earth orbit (allowing beyond-line-of-sight communication), as well as Digital Amateur TV stations which rely on modern maker-based systems such as a Raspberry Pi. Though we will not activate our satellite station (due to weather conditions) we will take interested parties through how the station is constructed, how we find satellites, and what antennas / additional hardware will be needed to make contacts.
  3. Advertise our High-Altitude Balloon Project that can be found on our website. With the information we currently have in tow, we hope to engender a massive amount of interest and excitement among kids and hope that this will serve as an enriching learning experience that they can also bring to their own classrooms. We emphasize modeling, construction, logistics, and post-data analysis in order to lead the kids through what it takes to perform a real-world science experiment!