Join The ARRL Through Our Club

The ARRL provides many benefits to Amateur Radio operators and helps to defend and expand our on-air privileges. The Nashua Area Radio Club and its members benefit greatly from our long-standing affiliation with the ARRL.

The Nashua Area Radio Club is also an ARRL Special Service Club. When you join  the ARRL through our club, our club receives a portion of your ARRL dues back to support our club’s work. You can become a new ARRL member through our club using the form which follows. If you have any questions or wish to renew your existing active ARRL membership, please contact our Treasurer at

Get an annual birthday coupon (US members only)
New Members - club keeps $15 of your dues. Renewing Members - contact our Treasurer to renew your membership at
Regular US membership includes Monthly QST via standard mail. See our membership chairman for Youth, Family, non-US and Blind ARRL memberships and to establish a new regular membership for more than 1 year. Dues are subject to change without notice and are non-refundable.
$ 0.00

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