Learning More About Amateur Radio

Young Person Operating During Field Day
John, W1MBG Elmering a New HAM

Do you need help getting on the air? Maybe you are building or upgrading your station and you’d like someone to help you figure out what equipment to get and how to set it up?

Amateur Radio has always been a learning hobby and mentoring or elmering is an integral part of how more experienced HAMs share their knowledge with newer folks. Our club has an Elmer program which is available to all of our members to get help with anything related to HAM radio. All you need to do is to send an email with your questions to elmer@n1fd.org and one of the experts in our club will help you out. We also have a section of our Blog which provides help on a variety of topics that started via elmer@n1fd.org. You can view the Elmering section of our club Blog here.

What to be an Elmer? We can use your help. Please subscribe to the Elemering Forum and take a minute to fill out our Elmer Survey so we can understand where you can help. In only takes a few minutes to complete the survey online here.

Radio Amateurs Building Skills and Having Fun