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As you can probably tell from the content on our website or if you’ve been to one of our meetings or to our Field Day, the Nashua Area Radio Club has a lot going on! We hope that you’ll consider joining us as a Club Member.

You don’t have to have a license to be a member and we can help you earn your license if you want to get one. If you are not sure if you want to join us, come to one of our Club Meetings or a Tech Night and meet some of the members and see what goes on. We hope this will increase your interest in Amateur Radio and perhaps you’ll decide to join us.

If you’d like to join our club, you can fill out the form which follows and our Membership Chairman, will contact you to sign you up. You can also meet up with our Membership Chairman at one of our Club Meetings or a Tech Night. If you have any questions about our Club or anything related to what we do, please contact us at

If you do not yet have a call sign, enter None and we will select a temporary one for you.
Please help us to get to know you by sharing a little information about yourself. Tell us what you are interested in relative to Amateur Radio and a bit about your background and experience that you can bring to our club.
If you are not an ARRL member, please consider joining the ARRL through our club. You will be provided with an optional link to do this after you complete your club membership application.
$ 0.00

If you pay your dues here, we will get you setup to access the Members Only and Video Archive areas of our website within 2 business days.  Our Members Only areas include Forums where you can ask questions and join discussions with the members of our club. We also share information about upcoming club activities in our member forums. You will also gain access to our videos from our Tech Night sessions.

The added $1 to your dues fee is to cover our costs for processing your membership through PayPal.

If you do not wish to pay your dues online, you can come to a Club Meeting or Tech Night and see our Membership Chairman to pay your dues in person.

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