Deadline for the May, 1998 Bulletin is
Friday April 10th, 1998

is published by the Nashua Area Radio Club, Inc. just prior to its monthly meeting. It is distributed free to members and friends of Amateur Radio.

Editor:      Jim Heedles, WW1Y          (603)673-7395
Advertising: Frank Swiech, N1DGQ	(603)888-0277
	     John Halbert, KA1HOV	(603)888-3086
Circulation: Tracy Banks, N1WIR         (603)881-7872
Annual Dues:	Regular		$20.00
		Family		$30.00
		Student		$15.00
		Senior(Over 65)	$15.00
Club Mailing Address:
		Nashua Area Radio Club
		P.O. Box 248
		Nashua, NH 03061-0248
Awards:                Open - TBD 
Club Data:             Jim Heedles, WW1Y 
EC/ARES:               Don Dillaby, KA1GOZ 
Field Day:             Fletcher Seagroves,N1MEO
Publicity:             Don Dillaby, KA1GOZ
Designated Target:     Gene Foolski, WA1UXA
Station Trustee:       John Gaffey, WS1E
Club Property:         John Gaffey, WS1E
Training:              Fletcher Seagroves,N1MEO
Volunteer Exams:       Jim Heedles, WW1Y
Technical Resources:   Mike Graham, K7CTW
Get-On-The-Air-Program:Mark Wagner, N1ZYZ
Mike Graham, K7CTW        Chairman      (603)424-6987
Bob Fyfe, KD1AW           Vice Chairman (603)465-2764
Don Dillaby, KA1GOZ       Secretary     (603)888-2766
George Fisher, WA1DEI     Treasurer     (603)888-0863
Ed Deichler, K2TE         Activities    (603)429-0466
Tracy Banks, N1WIR        Membership    (603)881-7872
Jack Warren, WB4MDC       Programs      (603)429-1137

DEADLINE for submitting articles or photos for the next issue is the Friday following the current month's Club meeting. Electronic submissions are preferred and should be sent via electronic mail to Submission via packet may also be sent to WW1Y@N1FT.NH. Photos for publication may be sent U.S. Mail to Jim Heedles, 6 Birch Drive, Amherst, NH, 03031-1807. On-line images may also be sent electronically as uuencoded files. Please send any Non-Bulletin correspondence to the official club address at: P.O. Box 248, Nashua, NH 03061-0248.

ADVERTISING requests should be directed to either Frank Swiech, N1DGQ or John Halbert, KA1HOV. Matters of advertising must not be raised over the amateur airwaves. Please consult by landline with our Advertising Managers.

Thanks to the following folks who contributed to this month's Bulletin:

Jack Warren, WB4MDC
Ed Deichler, K2TE
Mike Graham, K7CTW
Don Dillaby, KA1GOZ
Mark Wagner, N1ZYZ
Gary Chevalier, W1GRY
Bob Peret, KD6LFW
You too can contribute to the Bulletin. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to write an article, snap a photo, or offer a suggestion. The return on your contribution won't be as great as you'll get with cattle futures, but what the hay... you'll have fame and fortune without all the press!

Deadlines are published every month in the Club Calendar at the back of the Bulletin. Directions on how to submit an article or photo are on the same page.

NARC Club Calendar 1998
April 6, 7 PM Club Meeting
April 10Deadline - May Bulletin
April 16, 7 PMSalem Exam Session
April 27, 7 PMBoard Meeting
May 4, 7 PMClub Meeting
May 8Deadline - June Bulletin
May 25, 7 PMBoard Meeting
June 1, 7 PMClub Meeting
June 5Deadline - July Bulletin
June 13, 9AMNashua Exam Session
June 26-28Field Day!
June 29, 7 PMBoard Meeting
July 6, 7 PMClub Meeting
July 10Deadline - August Bulletin
July 16, 7 PMSalem Exam Session
July 27, 7 PMBoard Meeting
August 3, 7 PMClub Meeting
August 7Deadline - September Bulletin
August 31, 7 PMBoard Meeting
September 12, 9AMNashua Exam Session
September 14, 7 PMClub Meeting
September 18Deadline - October Bulletin
September 28, 7 PMBoard Meeting
Weekly Events
Tuesdays 8:00 PMARES Net 147.045+/224.28- MHz
Thursdays 7:00 PM Pizza Night! Location Varies.
Check in on 147.045+/224.28- MHz Thursday afternoons
Saturdays 9:00 AM Nashua Buffet, Canal St,
Nashua, NH

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